27, Electrozavodskaya street,
Moscow, 117861
Tel.: +7 495 788 55 75 Owner’s Office
Tel.: +7 495 725 55 67 Office of the management company
Tel.: +7 903 595 66 08 Engineer on duty

How to get to us

By public transport:

1. Preobrazhenskaya metro station, exit to Mossoviet Theatre. Walk 350 metres along Preobrazhenskaya Street to the intersection with Elektrozavodskaya Street, then turn to the left and go on moving about 5 minutes along Elektrozavodskaya Street. To the right you'll see the entrance to the territory of the business centre.

2. Elektrozavodskaya metro station. Cross the road to the bus stop. Take bus route 86 or route taxi 235 metres and ride four stops to Second Elektrozavodsky cul-de-sac. Cross the road towards the entry to the territory of the office centre.

By car:

If you drive over the TTR turn to Rusakovskaya Street first, drive 1.8 km and take the right turn to Elekrtozavodskaya Street. Drive another 500 metres and take the right turn to the territory of the office centre.


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Property manager
from O1 Standard

Romanovskaya Ksenia 
+7 965 104 8736   

Deputy Head of DC
from O1 Standard
Naumov George

Chief Engineer
Kistanov Petr

Leasing possibilities:
Tel: +7 495 788 5575 dob. 1402
Mob: +7 964 570 0072